Using the Blacklist

While our DNSBLĀ is in the process of being setup the only blacklist address available is the main address with all responses. More will be added as they are populated.

Blacklist Address Blacklist Description Contains addresses from all blacklists (See response codes below)

Listing Status

We are currently setting up the blacklist, and awaiting for data from our partners. Until then Tor is fully operational and other lists are only partial.

Blacklist Response List Status List Description
1 – Tor GOOD Contains all known Tor exit nodes
2 – HTTP/HTTPS Partial Contains HTTP/HTTPS proxies which can also be used cross-protocol
3 – Socks 4/5 Partial Contains Socks 4/5 proxies
4 – Open Routers Partial Contains routers with default credentials
5 – Abusive Hosts GOOD Contains hosts that have been actively used to spam partner services/websites.
6 – ZNC Provider Abuser POOR Contains hosts that have actively and consistently abused multiple ZNC providers.
7 – Compromised MTA/Mail Servers Partial Contains IPs that have been found to be MTA/Mail Servers serving IRC spam, compromised or otherwise

Using this list with IRC



Charybdis (2.2 & later)

UnrealIRCd 4.0.1+